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​How to wear straight hair?
31 December 2021

How to wear straight hair?Wearing straight hair is the most common way to add length and volume to your hair. It can easily beautify your natural hair. But how should you wear straight hair? Please read on.Here is the content list:l Sew-inl Tape-inl Clip-inSew-inThe sew-in technique involves adding

​How to maintain straight hair?
18 November 2021

How to maintain straight hair?You have purchased straight human hair and are happy with its bounce, shine, and color. You know, it is not easy to buy a satisfactory pair of straight human hair. Then some people will start to worry about how to maintain straight hair and how it will last longer.Here

​How to care for straight hair?
09 November 2021

How to care for straight hair?If you have the silky straight hair that other women crave, it doesn't mean that your hair care routine is very easy. The truth is, you may need more hair care because straight hair is more likely to be greasy, dirty, and dusty. There are standard procedures that can ta




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