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​How to wear straight hair?

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Wearing straight hair is the most common way to add length and volume to your hair. It can easily beautify your natural hair. But how should you wear straight hair? Please read on.

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The sew-in technique involves adding human hair to a weft with thread. Stitching can perfectly hide the traces of straight human hair, and it can make it look like it grew out of your head.  Because a hair weave should not be overstretched, it will show signs of sewing and should not leave out strands that should be sewn in your hair because it will make the hair weave look like it is floating in your hair. Because human hair straightening should not be overstretched, it will show signs of sewing and should not leave out strands that should be sewn into your hair because it will make human hair straightening look like it is floating in your hair. If you cannot do so, go to a specialized hairdresser.  What's more, the best thing about sewn hair weaves is that they will never cause any damage to your hair. More importantly, the best thing about sewing straight human hair is that it will never cause any damage to your hair. Unlike other techniques such as tape and adhesives, which can cause some damage to your head and scalp.

straight hair


Tape-in is a hair weaving technique that uses tape or a solution to weave hair onto the scalp. The hair tape is arranged along the weft of the hair and is applied directly to the scalp. Because human hair is braided into itself with glue and then worn on the scalp, it is also known as a pre-glued braiding technique for people who want to add some volume to their real hair and don't want to sew too tightly to the process. This technique usually lasts about 2 to 3 weeks and great care must be taken when removing straight human hair.  Gluing to the hair is not recommended, it has the potential to cause serious damage to the hair if it is not attached and removed with special care, and tape insertion must be done by a hair professional to ensure proper installation and removal. Although there are some drawbacks to this technique, the technique does not require much maintenance or technical infrastructure due to the presence of the adhesive, and straight human hair is relatively easy to remove.  Since the adhesive is sensitive, any oil-based product can dissolve the adhesive.


The clip-in technique is the easiest option for weaving straight human hair into the hair.  It requires you to install long hair clips from back to front, then simply split your real hair into two human hair weaves, and finally use a comb to make sure the weft is not visible. You can quickly install the clips yourself and remove them immediately, very convenient because you do not have to go to a professional salon that costs more money and time. The clips are usually made of strong and lightweight materials, so they won't put too much pressure on your hair or scalp. These hair weaving techniques can provide you with an incredibly natural look and an easy do-it-yourself experience.

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