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​How to maintain straight hair?

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You have purchased straight human hair and are happy with its bounce, shine, and color. You know, it is not easy to buy a satisfactory pair of straight human hair. Then some people will start to worry about how to maintain straight hair and how it will last longer.

Here is the content list:

Don't wear the same straight hair every day

Wash your wig, but not too often

Styling your real hair straightening

Storing your straight real hair

Don't wear the same straight hair every day

If you wear straight hair every day, synthetic straight hair will wear out in about 4-6 months and human hair straight hair will wear out in a year. Over time, the color will fade, the strands will begin to tear, and the overall appearance will tend to diminish. If you are a daily wearer of straight hair, consider purchasing and rotating a variety of straight hair.

straight human hair

Wash your wig, but not too often

Excellent and thorough washing must be handled and maintained properly. Shampooing your straight hair within the proper time frame helps ensure longer durability, a healthy look, and texture preservation and feel of straight real hair. Typically, you should wash your straight human hair every 7 to 10 days. Always be careful and gentle when washing straight human hair.

It is entirely up to you whether to wash your straight hair immediately after purchase. Don't forget that every time you wash your straight hair it will shorten its life a little bit. If you want to wash your wig before the first go, do not use shampoo at all. Condition and rinse your hair quickly, then spray a few drops of conditioning spray. Do not wash your new straight hair with shampoo. We warn you that if you decide to wash your new straight wig, you should only deep condition it.

Styling your real hair straightening

Keep in mind that your hair will not last as long as you think if you use heat styling every day. While straight hair is made from real hair and therefore more durable than synthetic straight hair, it will not draw oils from your scalp as your hair will. It is recommended that you use less heat when styling straight human hair. Blow-dry, straighten and curl on low heat, away from the roots, and make sure you use plenty of heat styling products and hair care products. Heat-free styling is great if you want your straightened real hair to last as long as possible.

Storing your straight real hair

Don't be lazy. Taking care of your straight real hair involves not only styling, shampooing, and conditioning, but also how to store it without shaking it. It's always best to store your straight hair away from any heat source. Also, be sure to store your straight hair in a dry environment. Humid environments such as bathrooms will only shorten the life of your straight hair. Remember, human hair straightening is an investment and you are looking for a great return like any investment. If you maintain and care for it properly, it will pay off.

Guangzhou Fabulous Hair Co., Ltd recommends that you read the above care instructions carefully so that you can maintain your straight hair to the maximum extent possible to prolong its life.




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