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Which age group prefers straight hair?

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For tradition, most people prefer straight hair, especially older people, and almost all think it looks fine and easy to manage. But I know many people who have straight hair, but they want curly human hair. Believe it or not, people always crave what they don't have.

Here is the content list:

  • • Older people prefer straight hair

  • • Reasons why older people like straight hair

  • • Young people tend to embrace their natural hair

Older people prefer straight hair

Most people with curly hair are seen by their parents as confident lace or ashamed of their natural curls because most parents think curly hair symbolizes ambition and brashness, so their parents tell them it's curly hair that's bad, straight hair that's beautiful and small, and it's better to have straight hair as a child.

Reasons why older people like straight hair

There are many reasons for their parents to form this idea. On the one hand, curly human hair is different to take care of. Curly hair is easy to knot, long hair is not easy to comb, easy to hide dirt and dirt, not easy to clean. And while dandruff, oiliness, and itchy heads plague them and consume their daily lives, they also face the problem of natural curls that can no longer stick to the hair scalp and even bred hair lice easily in the past. Many people have beautiful curly hair and they just keep it straight or natural through expensive chemicals which can be harmful to their health or just wrap their hair with a cloth or even cut their natural curls short, even though they like curly weaves. On the other hand, almost all hairstylists are trained on how to care for and style straight hair. So, they don't know how to care for people's curly hair or how to style it, so when people with curly hair come out of the barbershop, they are usually messy or unsatisfied.

Young people tend to embrace their natural hair

But now, as the needs of more and more curly-haired people are perceived, a lot of things seem to be easing up. New young people are becoming more confident in their looks and hair, and many salons see the opportunity for pristine curly hair. They began researching special care techniques for curly hair and producing treatments that were better suited to curly hair. At the same time, many famous stylists created increasingly popular curly hairstyles. With sophisticated hair care techniques and good-looking and abundant hairstyles, curly hair became more and more popular, and more and more people liked curly hair.

There are more and more people who like curly hair when it is in fashion, but there are always people who like straight hair as well. Many times, people just like what they don't have, and Guangzhou Fabulous Hair Co., Ltd reminds you to take care of your hair, whether it's straight hair or curly hair, by cleaning and maintaining it.




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