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​What are the types of hair weaves?

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For more than 5000 years, hair weaves have brought glamorous femininity to women. Initially, they were used primarily by celebrities. Today, women from all over the world are rocking these pieces. It is easy to try weaves on your hair, but not all hairstyles are suitable for you. Therefore, you need to understand the types of hair weaves, especially the ones you wear.

Here is the content list.

Types of weave textures

Types of weave styles

Types of weave textures

There are many textures on hair weaves that are designed to fit all textures. However, you sometimes can't be sure which hair or texture is right for you at a given time. Hair weaves range from different textures to wave patterns.  It can be straight, tightly curled, wavy, or deeply wavy.

Peruvian hair

This hair weave is very popular in the market.  It has a versatile texture that can be easily blended with all types of hair, especially relaxed hair. With hair, you can style it the way you like. The hair flows freely, luxuriously, and lightly. However, its structure is coarser and thicker than Brazilian and Indian types. The hair is curly, straight, and wavy in its natural state. Finally, it has a medium to low shine.

Brazilian hair

This is the most popular hair weave on the market.  It is suitable for Afro hair types. It is also the most versatile and has a very high density. This makes it frizz-resistant. It is soft and durable, but thick and full. You can color your hair and use it over and over again if it is properly maintained. Hair rocks any style, wavy, curly, or straight. It comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Because it has a full body, you may only need a few packs. It also has a medium to low shine natural sheen.

Malaysian Hair

Another popular type of hair weave.  If you are looking for smooth hair with excessive shine, this is ideal for you. The shine will reduce after a few washes and then take on a natural shine. It is softer and smoother than other hair types. It holds your curls perfectly and is usually dark brown. It does not change its structure, even in humid conditions. Frizz is unheard of. It has medium to a high shine.

Indian Hair

This is the kind of hair weave you would describe as versatile and light.  It has no tangles but is easy to style. The hair then stays easy to bounce. The hair goes from straight to wavy. You can easily style your hair as straight or curly. It is known to hold curls well, but not like Malaysian curls because it starts to loosen up faster. It blends well with all types of hair and never comes off easily. Use anti-frizz products as it starts to frizz easily.

Types of weave styles

Curly weave style

Most people like the curly texture because it is easy to maintain. You do not have to design it too much as it already has its style. The hair is usually impervious to weather which makes it a durable part. The curly texture of the hair weave further gives you a youthful look.

Body Wave Weave Style

This hair weave is for those who are known for their naturally curly hair.  It is also available for those who regularly curl their hair with a wand. This hair gets bigger in between loose or tight curls. If you have had straight hair for a long time and need a change, it will serve you well. They are voluminous but subtle, and essentially, the hair is s-shaped, which indicates that they are not tight curls. Hair is more manageable. It maintains a shiny feel and looks. It is tangle-resistant and will not shed, so it requires less maintenance.

Loose Wavy Pattern

This is another wave style with a simple spiral pattern. If you are looking for a loose curl pattern, it is the ideal style for you. This is where it gets its name from the essentially loose curls. You can decide to straighten it sometimes and curl it sometimes. You can easily confuse loose waves and body waves because they are very similar, but loose wave curls are a little more defined.

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