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​What are the factors that influence the cost of human hair weave ?

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Human hair weave  Made from 100% raw Remy hair, double weft weave for a natural look and long life. Because of the advantages of human hair bundles, more and more women prefer to wear a hundred human hair bundles to help them change their beautiful natural look. When buying the best human human hair weave  bundle, women will have questions about the cost. As a professional human human hair weave  supplier, we also receive a lot of inquiries from customers who want to know how much human human hair weave  costs. In this article, we will carefully explain the factors that influence the cost of human hair weaving.

Here is the content list:

Quality level

Length and color


Purchasing Channels

Quality level

Quality is an important factor that affects the cost of human hair weave . In the market, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A quality grades are recognized as high-quality human hair bundles, the higher the number the higher the quality. And the higher the quality, the higher the cost. So, if you want to buy a high-quality human human hair weave , it will cost you more depending on the quality grade you want.

human hair weave

Length and color

When you want to know the cost of a human human hair weave , you also need to consider the length and color of the human human hair weave . In principle, the longer the hair, the higher the cost. For example, a 10-inch straight human human hair weave  costs about $9 less than a 12-inch Remy weave. Similarly, the cost of colored human human hair weave s such as human human hair weave  dark, human human hair weave  blonde, and human human hair weave  color 613 are higher than natural black human human hair weave s. Let's also take straight hair as an example, the cost of a 10-inch bundle of 613 straight humans is about $10 higher than a 10-inch bundle of natural black human human hair weave .


We are sure that without much explanation you can understand why too much quantity will be on the higher side of the price scale. People who buy human human hair weave  wigs want to get a complete look. Generally, people need to weave 3 to 4 bunches of human hair to get complete stitching. But different people have different requirements for a fuller look, and if you want the fullest look, you can buy an extra bunch of human hair, which will also cost you more money. For example, the cost of 3 bunches of 10-inch human hair sold as straight hair is about $15 cheaper than the cost of 4 bunches of 10-inch human hair.

Purchasing Channels

You can buy human hair weave  for sale at a low price from many sources. The common channels are buying from offline human hair stores and buying from online human hair stores, and the money spent using different channels is different. Under normal circumstances, it costs slightly more to buy from a website than from an offline store. So, the cost of online websites will be cheaper than offline stores.

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