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​How to test the quality of human hair weave?

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When you decide to buy the best human hair accessories to adorn your beauty, you will find that hair weave sellers will introduce you to the different qualities of human hair accessories for sale. They will introduce 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A grade quality for you to choose from. But after you buy it, how do you know the quality of the human hair you bought, and is there any way to test the hair weave you bought? Next are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

Ask for help from others

Touch and observe the human hair weave


Ask for help from others

When you decide to buy a human hair weave, if you are not quite sure how to identify the quality of the weave, you can refer to other people's opinions or ask friends who have bought a human hair weave.

First of all, to know the quality of human hair weave, if you want to buy human hair weave wet hair and wave updo online, you can browse the website reviews left by other customers. Under normal circumstances, after people have purchased human hair weaves on a website, some of them will leave reviews about the hair they purchased. These reviews allow us to estimate the quality of the human hair weave style we want to buy. In addition to the reviews you see on the website, you can also Google the brand of the store you want to buy from and also find some reviews and information about the brand, which can also be used as your reference. If you feel that these reviews and information are not enough for you, you can also ask your friends who have bought human hair weaves, ask them what they think about the human hair weaves they bought, ask them how they feel about the hair weaves they bought, and ask them if they have any suggestions for you. Asking for advice from others before you buy is very important to your purchase of quality human hair tissue.

hair weave

Touch and observe the human hair weave

There is an old Chinese saying that good things come with good materials, and this can be applied to human hair bundles as well. Once you receive a human hair weave, you can test the quality by touching and observing it.

First, you can take your human hair extensions out of the package and touch the weave with your hands to feel if the human hair sold is soft, and gently run your fingers through the hair to feel if the weave is human hair.

Then you can observe the weave you are buying, if the front weave has a natural shine and natural hair color, then it is a quality human hair weave. For black women, just like their own natural hair, they will show the most natural look.


The third way you can test the quality of your weave is by washing it. After washing, a high-quality weave will return to its original shape and the weave will remain shiny and smooth. The highest quality weave is produced without any harmful chemicals, it is like natural hair without any odor, without any harmful and unhealthy elements, and it is high-quality human hair. But if the human hair weave comes out with some unpleasant odor or color after washing, it is not a high-quality human hair bundle.

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