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​How to prevent body wave bundles from falling out?

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Body wave bundles have become an increasingly indispensable topic. Are you unable to shed human hair soon after the installation of a human hair? What are the main causes of body wave bundle shedding? And what can be done to prevent hair loss? Let's talk about it.

Here is the content list:

Reasons why body wave bundles can fall out

Tips to prevent body wave bundles from falling out

Reasons why body wave bundles can fall out

Just like your natural hair, your natural hair will fall out 50-100 strands a day as the follicles age, in this case, excessive shedding of body wave bundles may mean it's time for new hair or resealing of the weft.

Often, body wave bundles fall out due to improper care, incorrect styling, or unsealed weft tissue. A body wave bundle is a human hair sewn into a weft. Treat your body wave bundle poorly and your body wave bundle will be damaged.

Body wave bundles

Tips to prevent body wave bundles from falling out

Clean the body wave bundle gently

When your body wave bundle is fragile, it is more likely to shed, just like your natural hair, if you don't take care of it. Cleaning will prevent your hair from becoming dry and prone to shedding. To reduce shedding, you can use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after installing your body wave bundle. Professional human hair shampoos are more powerful than regular shampoos because they remove oils and rejuvenate human hair. Gentle cleansing helps repair hair and leaves it smooth, shiny, and fragrant after washing. Don't apply additional sprays or oils to your human hair strands. Make sure your body wave bundle is clean, brushed, and free of dirt, tangles, and knots.

Choose double wefts body wave bundle

Body wave bundles can be double or single weft. A double weave is where two pieces of hair are sewn together. The double weft is thicker, safer to sew, can reduce hair loss, double weft human hair can also create a complete appearance.

Don't cut the weft when putting in a body wave bundle

Whether you are gluing a wig, using clip-in human hair, a quick weave human hair weave, or a sewn-in body wave bundle, pay attention to the way you handle human hair. If the stylist cuts weft around the human hair, cutting the weft will make the human hair prone to fall out and further handling will make the hair more prone to fall out. Instead of cutting the weft, in which case the stylist sews the track over the length of the head and then flips the end upside down to continue sewing the next track, instead of cutting the weft. Using the flip method ensures that all human hair is used.

Reinforcing body wave bundles and weft with glue

Reinforce the weft with glue to reduce human hair loss. Using the nozzle, apply glue directly along the entire weft of the body wave bundle. After the sealant has dried, flip the filler and repeat the process, making sure to apply the sealant to both weft yarns. Be careful not to apply a sealant to the body wave bundle as this can cause clumping and damage the human hair. Reinforcing the weft with glue makes the body wave bundle last longer and provides a more satisfying installation for wearers who need less maintenance.

Do not pull on your body wave bundle.

When removing or installing a body wave bundle, be patient and remove the human hair slowly to minimize shedding. Think of the body wave bundle as your natural hair. Constant pulling and rubbing will cause the hair to fall out. So, try not to pull the hair hard. Stay patient at the waist when removing or installing.

Guangzhou Fabulous Hair Co., Ltd reminds you that if you always follow these tips, your body wave bundle will look more durable and shed less.




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