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How to choose a bob wig?

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Bob wigs that are cut above the chin or below the shoulders, the bottom end of the hair have a wig shape that is pulled inward. There’re various colors and 10”-14” for bob wig. So, how to choose a bob hair wig?

bob wig (1)

Here is the outline:

1. Why choose a bob wig?

2. How to choose a bob wig?

3. What are the advantages of bob wigs?

Why choose a bob wig?

1. Elegant and cute at the same time. Bob hairstyles are suitable for all ages. Students use bobs to express their adorable and cool. Urban women use bobs to express their sophistication and elegance. Even different people wearing the same wig can reflect a completely different unique style that is exclusive to customers.

2. Easy to take care of. Customers who have experience in buying wigs know that the hair of wigs requires a certain amount of work, and curly hair is more difficult to manage than straight hair. The bob is short style and smooth, so a short bob wig is ideal for beginners or women who do not have enough time to care for their hair.

3. Show the personality of customers. When customers choose a certain wig style, bob wig is easy to restyled and colored. Bob wigs can meet the ideal image of customers.

How to choose a bob wig?

1. Choose the appropriate length. The length of the wig has a great influence on the effect worn by. Customers need to choose the appropriate wig length according to their height, body shape, and preferences. In addition, the degree of curling at the bottom of the wig also needs to be considered.

2. Choose the right color and texture. Different colors and textures have an impact on the overall state of a person. If possible, you can consider going to a physical store to try them on to choose the wig textures and color that suit you best.

3. Choose the comfortable lace type. There’re 2 popular lace types in hair market: HD Lace& Transparent lace. Transparent lace can match our skin well and create amazing look, the price is better than HD lace. HD lace is breathable and thinner, it’s more comfortable perfect for people with sensitive scalps, HD lace wig will give you an extraordinarily natural appearance.

What are the advantages of bob wigs?

1. Suitable for many. Customers of all ages and occupations can wear this wig. It's neither too stale nor too flashy. That’s said, it's suitable for almost any occasions.

2. Minimal time manage. The bob wig hair is more convenient and soft, top quality hair, no tangle.

3. Easy to wear. The combs, adjustable straps and elastic band of this wig has been carefully designed so that customers can easily fit the wig to heads well. It is very easy to install and remove when sleeping or washing the wig, and it is quick to take off and put on.

In short, bob wig not only can create stunning look also can make us more confident and cool. Guangzhou Fabulous Hair Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that has been producing hair for many years, which offer top quality hair and provide customers positive shopping experiences. If you have any questions, pls contact us freely.




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