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​How do you care for a lace front wig?

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The delicacy of lace means it needs gentle care to stay intact! A lace front wig is an investment that, if handled properly, can provide you with longevity. It is important to take care of your lace front wig. Hair sets are usually made of human or artificial hair hooked one by one on a yarn helmet. Because there is no regenerative ability, so it should be properly stored, or else drop one less one. Wig use for some time will be contaminated with dust, bacteria, so should be washed regularly. Next, we learn more about how to maintain the lace front wig.

Here is the content list:

Not applicable to hairpieces

Precautions when washing

How to comb?

Not applicable to hairpieces

Do not use bobby pins. To prevent the lace front wig from being scraped away by high winds, some people like to use hair clips to hold the lace front wig. However, clip hair must not be too hard. Otherwise, it is easy to hook the bad wig net cover. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, which can be used on the wig decorative hairband to fix the hair.

lace front wig

Precautions when washing

Washing lace front wig does not wring by hand. Often wear the hair cover, generally two to three months to wash once appropriate. Before washing, use a comb to comb the lace front wig, then use a diluted conditioner solution while washing and combing. Do not use both hands to rub and wring, not to mention the wig foam in the washing solution to wash. Instead, use both hands to gently rinse the above foam in the direction of the hair, and then cool dry, do not expose in the sun. Washing with soapy water, detergent, or conditioner soak. Soak the lace front wig in water for a few minutes, pull the forehead side of the hair set with one hand, and wash with a small toothbrush along with the hair. Wash the wig inside, you can turn over and pull the hair in the middle, with a toothbrush to brush the edge of the cloth with greasy places. Do not brush the net wire, so as not to pull out the hair. After brushing with water to rinse the headcover, do not wring by hand, so as not to affect the combing. Do not scrub the lace, but wash it gently. Be careful not to let the conditioner near the lace because it will loosen the hair and the combing action should be light.

How to comb?

Combing lace front wig is generally better to use a more sparse comb, combing wig to use the oblique side combing method, not straight combing, and the action should be light. A combing wig is best to make a wooden head, the washed lace front wig propped on the head, coated with a layer of head oil, with a wire brush or wooden comb, comb teeth outward combing. According to their preferences, made into a variety of hairstyles. Of course, the hairstyle should be often organized to achieve the purpose of beauty. The lace front wig set should be combed before use, put on the wig set slightly combed on it. However, the wig combing and doing flower interval is longer than the real hair, half a month in summer, once a month in winter.

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